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Remove old WSUS and add a new one

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Created by Zaquan Henry, last modified by Zaquan Henry on Jan 27, 2017

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This article provides steps to replace WSUS if you have currently tied it to Patch Manager and it has expired or decommissioned. 


All Patch Manager versions 


To remove:

1. Select Update Services. 

2. Select the old WSUS server. 

3. In the Actions menu, select Delete.  

4. Click OK to purge the data. 


To add: 


1. Right-click Update Services. 

2. Select Add and Configure Server.

3. Add the IP or host name. 

4. Select resolve.

5.Ensure correct port is selected. (pre windows 2012 is default Port 80 and 2012 and above default at Port 8530)

4. Click OK. 






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10:25, 27 Jan 2017