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Remove WMI providers

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Updated September 30, 2016


The WMI providers can be installed on workstations and servers by mistake. This happens because of inventory tasks that are installed or any deployment task by mistake.

This article lists the steps required to remove the WMI providers with Patch Manager.


All Patch Manager versions


1. Select the computer, server or laptop where you want the WMI providers removed and click Deploy Client Components.

2. Select Remove Client Components, and then click Next.

3. Add all of the remaining computers, servers or laptops that you want the WMI Providers removed from, and then click Next.

4. Verify that all of the computers, servers or laptops are correct and click Finish.


At this point, Patch Manager should begin to remove the WMI providers from the selected computers, servers or laptops.




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20:28, 29 Sep 2016