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Patch Manager installation error: The Specified Account Already Exists

Updated January 20, 2017


The following error is displayed when running the Patch Manager installer:

The Specified Account Already Exists




All Patch Manager versions


The error occurs during an MSI installation of a Microsoft component, typically the CLR types that are included with the installer. The error usually has to do with an issue in the registry or updating the installation.


  1. Identify the component with the issue from the point where the installer failed. In the example, the installer is failing on 2012 x64 CLR types.
  2. Uninstall the CLR types mentioned.
  3. Run the installer again by right-clicking and running as administrator.
  4. During installation, the CLR types will be reinstalled and the installation should complete.


Note: There are multiple components where this may fail, but CLR types is the most common component showing the issue.




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