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Generate a WSUS Inventory report

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Last Updated: March 9, 2017

Generate a WSUS Inventory report to catalog the status of Windows ® upgrade packages installed on the managed systems. When the inventory is completed, generate a report to determine update packages that need to be installed and approved on each managed system.

Schedule the WSUS Inventory report to start at a certain time of the day and run each hour, day, week, or month, depending on your needs. After SolarWinds Patch Manager generates the report, you can:

  • View the report in Scheduled Tasks
  • Export the report to a different format
  • Generate a scheduled report
  • Email the report to a user each time Patch Manager generates the report

Inventory the WSUS server and managed systems before you generate a report. If you do not inventory the WSUS server or managed systems at least once a day, the reports will not contain the latest information about your deployment.

View a report

  1. In the Patch Manager menu, maximize Administration and Reporting and select Scheduled Tasks.


  2. Select the inventory report in the Scheduled Tasks window.


  3. Review the report in the Information tab. Scroll down to see the report details.

Last modified
15:39, 9 Mar 2017