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About the Patch Manager Administrator Console

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The Patch Manager Administrator Console is the primary tool for configuring, managing, and monitoring your Patch Manager environment. 


The navigation pane (or Patch Manager menu) displays the action categories (or nodes) available in Patch Manager. Each category contains a drop-down menu that displays additional resources and tasks you can perform in the console.

The navigation pane contains three nodes:

  • Enterprise
  • Administration and Reporting
  • Patch Manager System Configuration.

All actions you perform in the console begin in the navigation pane.

The Enterprise node allows you to select the WSUS server and the computers you want to manage in your enterprise network or a Patch Manager computer group

The Administration and Reporting node allows you to select third-party updates and schedule tasks that install these updates on your managed systems. After you generate an inventory of systems to patch, you can select and view reports that describe the patch status of your managed systems. 

The Patch Manager System Configuration node allows you to configure the groups, servers, and settings in your Patch Manager deployment. 

The data grid pane is located in the center of the console. When you select an item in the navigation pane, the data grid pane displays relevant information about your selected item, including container contents, item details, and general options.

The Actions pane displays actions you can perform for each selection. 

When you integrate Patch Manager with the Orion® Platform, you can view read-only data from the Patch Manager servers in the Orion Web Console at My Dashboard > Patches > Patch Summary.


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