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Patch Manager Web Console

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Steve.Hawkins on Jul 03, 2018

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When you install Patch Manager as a stand-alone product, the application includes a web console that displays your Patch Manager deployment data in a read-only dashboard. This web console is the same console included with SolarWinds Orion® Platform products. If you integrate Patch Manager with Orion Platform products, this web console includes the Patch Manager dashboard, along with several additional dashboards that display Orion Platform product data.

You can integrate Patch Manager with the Orion Platform by installing the Patch Manager Orion web interface on the Orion server (Main Polling Engine) or the Orion Additional Web Server. The web interface connects the Orion server with the Patch Manager Application server so the data can be collected from the Patch Manager Primary Application Server (PAS). The web interface must be able to connect to a Patch Manager Application server to function properly.

After you install the web interface on the Orion server, log in to the Orion Web Console and click My Dashboards > Patches > Patch Summary to access the Patch Summary dashboard.


The Patch Summary page displays as a summary dashboard in the Orion Web Console, as shown below.


The dashboard displays the patch status of your managed computers in a single read-only dashboard. Using the console, you can:

  • View computers that are up to date, require updates, or have update errors
  • View the top ten most vulnerable machines in your deployment
  • View the top ten patches missing on your managed computers

After you locate an issue in your deployment, you can access the Patch Manager Administrator Console and troubleshoot the issue.

See SolarWinds Online Demos to access a demonstration of the Orion Web Console. 

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