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Computer Actions Management window

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Steve.Hawkins on Jun 20, 2018

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The Computer Access Management window includes the SolarWinds WMI Provider Actions box, which provides options to install, reinstall, or uninstall the SolarWinds WMI Providers. 


The following table describes the actions.

Setting Description
Check if WMI Providers are installed Checks the WMI Providers on the remote system. You can view the results from this check in the Patch Manager Task History or configure the task to email you the results.
Install the WMI Providers if not already installed Installs the WMI Providers (if needed). This option also allows you to reinstall the WMI Providers when required.
Uninstall the WMI Providers Uninstalls the WMI Providers from the remote system.

The Computer Access Management window includes additional options to configure remote systems that allow WMI connections.


The following table lists the available settings.

Setting Description
Enable DCOM if disabled Enables Distributed COM (DCOM)  on the remote system. This setting is a requirement for Patch Manager to enable WMI to connect to the remote systems.
Configure DCOM permissions to include Administrators group if needed Modifies the DCOM permissions to allow users from the Windows Administrators group. Patch Manager requires local Administrator permissions on remote systems to run the WMI Providers.
Enable the Remote Administration firewall rule (Windows Firewall/Advanced Firewall only) Enables the Remote Administration firewall ruleset in the Windows Firewall. If you are using a third party firewall solution, configure the required rules in your firewall through other means.
Create ADMIN$ share if missing Creates the ADMIN$ share on Windows systems.
Enable Windows Installer service if disabled Re-enables the Windows Installer service on the remote system. Patch Manager requires this service to install the WMI Providers.
Enable MSI Logging Enables MSI logging on the remote system. This option is selected by default. 
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