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Patch Manager System Configuration node

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Steve.Hawkins on May 17, 2018

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Use the Patch Manager System Configuration node to configure the groups, servers, and settings in your Patch Manager deployment. 


Using this node, you can: 

  • Create a management group to manage the domains, workgroups, and WSUS servers in a specific location or group
  • Configure and manage the Application Server for load balancing, separate business units, or users at different locations.
  • Configure and manage the Management Server to store inventory data for management resources in secondary management groups. 
  • Set up and manage the security settings (such as credential rings and security roles) in your Patch Manager deployment

Below is a description of each child node in the Patch Manager System Configuration node.

Child Node Description
Management Groups

Contains a child node for each Patch Manager management group.  By default, this node includes the Managed Enterprise management group. 

A management group is a container of computers managed by a single Patch Manager server in the Management role.

Patch Manager Servers Contains a child node for the Application Server and Management Server roles in your SolarWinds Patch Manager environment. Each child node displays a list of servers in the selected role.
Security and User Management Contains tabs to view and manage the security and user settings in your Patch Manager deployment. These settings include:
  • Credentials
  • Credential rings
  • Server certificates
  • Security roles
  • User preferences


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