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Patch Manager 2.1.6 Administrator Guide

Last Update: December 7, 2018

This guide provides information on configuring and using SolarWinds Patch Manager.

Using the information in this guide, you can:

  • Navigate and customize the admin and web consoles
  • Synchronize and manage the WSUS server
  • Manage user credentials
  • Deploy an agent
  • Generate and schedule an inventory
  • Add advanced configuration options

Introduction to Patch Manager

Information to help you get started with Patch Manager.


Requirements for installing and deploying Patch Manager in your organization. 

Patch Manager Administrator Console

How to use the console to manage your Patch Manager deployment.

Configure Patch Manager 

How to set up and configure the Patch Manager server (also known as the Primary Application Server).

Publish third-party updates 

How to publish non-Microsoft updates to the WSUS server.

+ Push, approve, and install updates

How to push Microsoft and third-party updates from the WSUS server to your managed systems.

+ Configure the inventory tasks and generate reports

How Patch Manager inventories and reports on the WSUS server and managed computers 

+ Manage WSUS using Patch Manager

How to synchronize the WSUS server with Microsoft Update, delete expired updates from the server, and additional administrative tasks.

+ Advanced configuration options

How to perform advanced configuration tasks used in distributive Patch Manager environments.

+ Manage users and security

How to configure user credentials, credential rings, security roles, and additional security options.

+ Manage client WMI connectivity

How to deploy and set up Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Providers in your deployment. 

+ Patch Manager Agents

How to set up and deploy Patch Manager agents on computers that intermittently access your corporate network from a remote location.

Integrate Patch Manager with the Orion Platform

How to integrate Patch Manager with the Orion Web Console and the Orion Platform.

+ Administrator functions and settings

How to perform housekeeping tasks in your Patch Manager environment.

+ Wake on LAN

How to set up Wake on LAN (WoL) to remotely power on WoL-enabled computers from a low-power mode so Patch Manager can apply updates to these computers.

+ Advanced deployment examples

How to deploy additional Patch Manager servers to balance server load and connect to remote systems across a distributed network.

+ Set up Patch Manager with SCCM

How to set up and deploy Patch Manager on a system running Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). 

+ Reference

Additional information for setting up your Patch Manager deployment.



Orion Platform features

SolarWinds Patch Manager integrates with the Orion Platform—the core architecture for the SolarWinds IT Management Portfolio. 

Common Orion Platform features used with Patch Manager

+ Manage user accounts

Information on how to create and configure user accounts for the Orion Web Console.

+ Customize the Orion Web Console

Learn how to customize dashboards, views, resources and more.

+ Create and manage alerts

Get informed about network events. Use or customize the out-of-the-box alerts, or create new alerts tailored to your needs.

+ Web-based reports

Generate reports in the Orion Web Console based on the predefined reports for your Orion Platform product. Customize existing reports to fit your needs, create reports, schedule a report to run automatically.

+ Web-based License Manager

Activate, add, upgrade or assign licenses with the web-based License Manager in the Orion Web Console.


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