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Adding Management Groups

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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As previously noted, each management group resides on its own Patch Manager server. So, when you create a new management group, it must correspond to a new Patch Manager server in the Management server role. The following are use cases for additional management groups:

  • Use additional Management role servers to store inventory data from distinct groups of clients in separate databases. These groups must be a defined NetBIOS workgroup, Active Directory Domain, or Active Directory Subdomain.
  • Use an additional Management role server with the Application server role in a testing lab. The additional Management role server, and thus the testing lab, would have its own management group.

For additional information about these and other use cases for additional Patch Manager servers, see "Advanced Deployment Scenarios".

To add a management group to your Patch Manager environment:

  1. Create the new management group and, optionally, configure one or more managed resources.
  2. Deploy the new Patch Manager server in the Management role, and then assign it to the new management group.
  3. Configure any additional managed resources for the new management group.

For additional information about these procedures, see:

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