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Manage the publishing servers

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Updated November 22, 2017

Run the Server Publishing Verification Wizard to determine whether a WSUS server has a publishing certificate. If it does, the wizard also determines the status of the publishing certificate with respect to the other server resources associated with that WSUS server.

  1. In the navigation menu, expand Administration and Reporting and select Software Publishing.
  2. In the Actions pane, click Server Publishing Verification Wizard.
  3. In the PublishingWSUS Server menu, select a WSUS server.
  4. If the WSUS server does not have a publishing certificate, the wizard generates an error message. Click OK to proceed.
  5. If the WSUS server has a publishing certificate, the wizard returns a list of related server resources that indicate the status of publishing certificate on each WSUS server. Select a server resource to view the details in the bottom pane.
  6. Click Close to exit the wizard.

If a server requires any action based on the results you see in this wizard, complete the Server Publishing Setup Wizard to create and/or deploy publishing certificates as necessary. See Configuring Publishing Servers for details. 

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