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Need to place a load balancer between the PAS and the Database server

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Created by Christine Magbuo, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Jun 29, 2016

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This article describes the steps on how to place a load balancer between the PAS (Primary Application Server) and the database server.


All Patch Manager versions


Adding db-balancer shall be fine. The Migrate a local or remote Patch Manager database to a Remote SQL Server article has information on how to point to a different DB. If the DB and IP are the same, Patch Manager will work without changes. 


The best option is to put db-balancer on the same address that was before the DB. In this case, for any program all connection strings shall stay the same and this will minimize changes. If the connection string from Patch Manager to its DB is going to change, the steps for moving DB shall help.


You may use DBhelper to change the connection string, and/or you may change hosts file.

Note: You may change the hostname in the etc/hosts file of the the PAS to point to the new load balancer VIP Address. It will make the change much easier, and follows the same logic as migrating the IP address of the DB into the Loadbalancer.


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18:26, 28 Jun 2016