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WSUS server error: Failed to send partitioned task to automation server

Updated Nov 17th, 2018


This article provides information and workaround about the below error, that you will get when you tried to access any of the update views of the WSUS server having patch manager AS role as well.

The error also shows up when you tried to access the WSUS(with SAS role) from the drop-down in Server publishing wizard.

Source: EminentWare.UI.Controls
Exception occurred at date_time
Source: Data Grid Server( Server name)
Reason: Failed to send partitioned task to automation server <Server Name>. Reason: rpcclient::createsession() failed. Access Denied. Message: Communication Failure.
Details: dgsrpcinterface::createsession failed
Object: <Server name>
Object Type: WSUS server.


  • All Patch manager versions with one or more PAS + Automation Server roles


  • The MSSQL server is down or the SQL Instance is not running on SAS
  • The account used to run Eminentware DataGridSerivce does not have required permissions on Eminentware DB
  • Two-way traffic on Port 4092 is not allowed between PAS and SAS

Each Patch Manager installation uses its own Microsoft® SQL Server database for all server roles, including the Primary Application Server (PAS), Automation Server, and Management Server.


Ensure that:

  • Two-way traffic on Port 4092 can pass between PAS and SAS servers
  • The EminentWare database is accessible to the EminentWare DataGrid Server Service (EWDGS) service account.
  • The Microsoft SQL Server database server and the SQL instance are running properly.

If these steps do not solve the problems, then for more troubleshooting please refer to Failed to send the partitioned task to Management Server

In worst case scenarios, consider reinstalling the Automation Server role on the problem server(s) or the WSUS server as well if automation server re-build did not resolve the problem.


Re-building the WSUS Server and Automation Server will delete your data. 



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