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Viewing Patch Manager data in Orion reports

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Updated June 28, 2018


This article addresses an issue with using Orion reports to report on Patch Manager-related information.


  • All Patch Manager versions
  • All SolarWinds Orion versions


You can integrate Patch Manager with the Orion Platform by installing the Patch Manager Orion web interface on the Orion server (Main Polling Engine) or the Orion Additional Web Server. After you install the web interface on the Orion server, you can log in to the Orion Web Console, click My Dashboards > Patches > Patch Summary, and view the Patch Manager Summary dashboard.  


This dashboard is a read-only resource and does not provide any data related to the clients to the WSUS server. As a result, you cannot generate an Orion report that provides data about Patch Manager.


However, you can generate a Patch Manager report in the Patch Manager Administrator Console, schedule the report, and export the report in HTML format. When completed, you can access the report using a web browser. 


See Inventory and Reporting for details about creating a custom report in Patch Manager. 



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