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Third party packages do not display in the SCCM Console


Third-party packages published to SCCM do not display in the Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) console. 


  • All Patch Manager versions
  • All SCCM versions


The SCCM Console does not have a pre-configured view for third-party packages.


To view third-party packages that you have published to SCCM, create a separate search folder or search for each vendor as you publish their packages.

3rd Party Updates view folder from SCCM console

The SCCM console navigation pane should include the 3rd Party Updates directory, as shown below if SCCM and PM consoles are installed properly.

If this folder is not displayed then, Patch Manager console & SCCM console was not installed correctly

To install the Patch Manager Admin Console:

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Download Patch Manager full package (with SQL).
  3. Run the installer on machine where SCCM console is already installed
  4. When prompted, select the Console only option (2)
  5. Complete the installation wizard.

See the Patch Manager Installation Guide for specific installation instructions and requirements.

SCCM 2007

To create a search folder for packages from a third party vendor in SCCM 2007:

  1. Verify that a Patch Manager instance is installed in SCCM. 
  2. In the SCCM console navigation pane, expand Site Database > Computer Management > Software Updates > Update Repository.
  3. Right-click Search Folders and  select New Search Folder. 
    The system displays the Search Folder Criteria window.
  4. In the Step 1 field, select Vendor.
  5. In the Step 2 field, click the underlined value, and then select the vendor for which you want to create the search folder.
  6. In the Step 3 field, select Search all folders under this feature.
  7. In the Step 4 field, enter a name for the search folder. For example, enter the name of the vendor you selected in Step 2.
  8. Click OK.
    The system adds a search folder for your selected vendor, which contains all updates published to the SCCM server for that vendor.

SCCM 2012, 1702 and 1710

To create a new search for packages from a third-party vendor in SCCM 2012 and 1702:

  1. Verify that a Patch Manager instance is installed in SCCM. 
  2. In the navigation pane, click Software Library.
  3. In the navigation pane, expand Overview > Software Updates and select All Software Updates.
  4. Click Add Criteria, select Vendor, and click Add.
  5. In the toolbar next to AND Vendor, click the underlined value and select the vendor.
  6. Click Search.
    The system should returns a list of the updates from your selected vendor.
    If the search does not return the list of updates, make sure in Synchronization settings -> classifications tab "Tools" is subscribed to sync with this Vendor and ensure synch is completed successfully.
  7. Save your search criteria.
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