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EminentWare Data Grid Server error displays when opening the Patch Manager Administrator Console

Updated: June 20, 2018


When you open the Patch Manager Administrator Console, the following error displays: 

Unable to start EminentWare Data Grid Server, Error: 1064. 


All Patch Manager versions


  • The EminentWare Data Grid Server Service account is not in the database.
  • The EminentWare Data Grid Server Service account does not have sufficient rights to start the service by itself.


Warning: SolarWinds strongly recommends that you back up your registry before making any edits to your system registry. You should only edit the registry if you are experienced and confident in doing so. Using a registry editor incorrectly can cause serious issues with your operating system, which could require you to reinstall your operating system to correct them. SolarWinds cannot guarantee resolutions to any damage resulting from making registry edits.


  1. Reset the password for the default EminentWare Data Grid Server Service.
  2. Navigate to your Eminentware Data Grid Service directory. The default location is:
  3. Open the following file:
  4. In the log, locate the user account that was trying to start the service. This account should not be listed in the SQL Management Studio logins.
  5. Open SQL  Management Studio.
  6. Create an account to match the account listed in the log file. Include the following credentials:
    • DB Owner
    • Sysadmin rights
  7.  Link the account to the EminentWare database.
  8. Open the Local Security Policy.
    Open a Run box and execute:
  9. Navigate to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Log on as a service.

    The name created in SQL Management Studio must be included here to start the service.

  10. Open the Registry Editor.
  11. Go to:
    HKLM > Software > EminentWare > Data Grid Service > Roles > Application > Data
  12. Delete the following to clear the password bank for Patch Manager.
    • MEKey
    • MPKey
  13. Navigate to Services.
  14. Select and highlight the EminentWare Data Grid Server and go to Properties.
  15. Go to Log on tab.
  16. Switch this to your new account in the following format:
  17. Enter a password, and click OK.
  18. Start the EminentWare Data Grid Service. 




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