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Structured Exception Error 0x80004005 when publishing a package

Updated July 14, 2017


Structured Exception Error 0x80004005 is returned when publishing a package to WSUS.


All Patch Manager versions



Solution 1:

Reboot the Patch Manager server.


Solution 2:

Check the Patch manager console logs in C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\PM\Log\EminentWare.UI.Console.MMC for any access denied errors for the console account.

If there are multiple access denied errors, make sure the PM console account is not locked or the password expired. If you had to update the password then don't forget to update the password in credentials ring in SPM Console.

Solution 3 (not verified):

Solution 4:
Solutions 1, 2 and 3 did not help and there were no access denied errors in any of the PM logs.
PM 2.1.5 and WSUS (Server 2012 R2) on same server.
Made sure in Credentials ring rules, the user account mapped to WSUS server has required privileges. In this case,
1. EWDGS was running with - domain\serviceaccount
2. Credentials Rules for WSUS configured to use local admin account
3. PM console was logged as Domain admin account
After changing the account used in step 2 to the same account as step 1 issue resolved.


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