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Report Now vs Detect Now

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This article provides information on the difference between the Report Now and the Detect Now commands in Patch Manager.


All Patch Manager versions


The reportnow function is only processed when:

  • WUAgent is idle
  • Completed events are available to the WSUS server


The WUAgnet executes a reporting event about 20 minutes after all pending activities are completed. The reportnow parameter expires the 20-minute delay.


When you execute a script with the reportnow and detectnow commands in immediate succession, the wuauclt /reportnow command does not invoke an action.


To properly use these commands (or tasks) from Patch Manager, launch the wuauclt /detectnow task, and then wait for the detection event to complete--usually within five minutes. On a healthy, fully-patched system, the even may complete within a few seconds. 


After the WUAgent is idle, executing wuauclt /reportnow generates a call to the ReportingWebService to execute immediately instead of waiting for the built-in 20-minute delay. 


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