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Re-provision a primary application server

Table of contents

Updated June 5, 2017


This article provides steps to re-provision a primary application server, which can be performed when a primary application server is incorrectly deployed or if you want to upgrade or change the role of an application server.


Patch Manager 2.1 and later


  1. Run mmc.exe.
  2. Click File > Add Remove/Snap-in > Add Certificates.
  3. Select the computer account and click Next > Finish > OK.
  4. Go to Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates.
  5. Delete EminentWare Server Certificate only.
  6. Remove deviceID and CADeviceID from the registry:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\EminentWare\Data Grid Service
    1. OR
    2. Run SQL Management Studio and clear the records for Primary from dbo.gc_device and dbo.device.
  7. cd C:/> "Program Files\SolarWinds\Patch Manager\Server"
  8. Run setuphelper.exe /provisionserver /type primary.
  9. Go to Patch Manager System Configuration > Security and User Management.
  10. Select Credentials and click Change Password.
  11. Go to Patch Manager System Configuration > Patch Manager Servers.
  12. Click Patch Manager Server Wizard and register the primary server.

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