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Patch Manager fails to download the source file of third-party packages

Updated: July 6, 2017


This article addresses an issue that prevents Patch Manager from downloading the source file (EXE or MSI) in third-party packages.


 All Patch Manager versions


How to import third party packages:

  1. Log in to Patch Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Administration and Reporting > Software Publishing and select the vendor of the third-party package. For example, Adobe Packages.
  3. In the center pane, select the third-party package you want to import.
  4. Right-click the package and select Edit.
  5. In the Patch Manager Package Wizard window, click Next until the Package Assistant window opens.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Package Download Assistant window, click Cancel.
  8. Click Yes to confirm.
  9. In the Patch Manager Package Wizard window, select I already have the content for the package locally on my network, and then click the magnifying glass icon. 
  10. Select the installer file (EXE or MSI) to import. A message displays, indicating that the download is successful.
  11. In the Download window, read the summary and click Yes.
  12. Click Next and complete the wizard.
    The package is ready to be published.
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