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New Update View options in Patch Manager

Table of contents

Updated April 27, 2018


New update views allow you to narrow down the updates available and they work as a way to group specific updates for future use. These views will not show up on WSUS and can only be found in the Patch Manager Console. The following sections provides a review of the options included in the New Update View.


  • Patch Manager (All Supported Versions)


To access the New Update View options go to:

  1. Patch Manager Console>Patch Manager>Enterprise>WSUS_NAME>Updates.
  2. Right-click or select New Update View from the actions pane to reveal the following options:

Step1: Select Properties






Step 2: Edit the properties (click an underlined value)











1 - Updates are in a specific classification All Classifications:

  • All (includes all options)
  • Applications (includes the Microsoft packages classified as Applications)
  • Critical Updates (includes the Microsoft packages classified as Critical Updates)
  • Definition Updates (includes the Microsoft packages classified as Definition Updates)
  • Drivers (includes the Microsoft packages classified as Drivers)











NOTE: Microsoft classifications can be viewed in WSUS under Options>Products and Classifications).


2 - Updates are for a specific product any product.











3 - Updates are approved for a specific group (not including inherited approvals) any computer group.











4 - Updates were synchronized within a specific time period any time.










5 - Updates are WSUS updates (no image or selection for this option).


6 - Updates were released within a specific time period any time.











7 - Updates type is any update type.











8 - Updates source is any update source.











9 - Updates have a specific approval and installation status approved and needed.

Step 3: Specify the update view name and description
This option allows you to name the New Update View and to add details for future reference.


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