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Master key error after opening Patch Manager

Updated October 8, 2018


When you open the Patch Manager Admin Console, the following error displays: 

Please create a master key in the database or open the master key in the session before performing this operation


Patch Manager version 2.1.x


The encrypted connection to the SQL server was removed or broken. 


Update the Registry on the Patch Manager server. When completed, change the passwords for all user accounts. 

This procedure modifies the Registry in the Windows Server operating system. Contact your system administrator before you perform this procedure.

  1. Log in to the Patch Manager server as an administrator.
  2. Stop the EmminentWare Data Grid Service. 
  3. Open Regedit and navigate to:
    HKLM\Software\Eminentware\Data Grid Service\Roles\Application\Data
  4. Delete the MEKey and MPKey. 
  5. Restart the EmminentWare Data Grid Service.
    The restart regenerates the encrypted connection to the database.  
  6. Open the Patch Manager Admin Console. 
  7. In the navigation menu, expand Patch Manager System Configuration and select Security and User Management.
  8. Click the Credentials tab. 
  9. Select an account.
  10. Right-click the account and select Change Password.
  11. Change the user password for the account and save your changes.
  12. Repeat step 9 and step 11 for the remaining accounts. 


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