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Import Catalogs for Patch Manager on a secure or disconnected network

Updated August 8, 2018


This article describes how to manually import the update catalogs for a Primary Application Server that is not connected to the Internet.


All Patch Manager versions


PAS is disconnected from the network

  1. Open SolarWinds Licensing on the Patch Manager server to obtain the Activation Key.
    1. Go to Start > All Programs > SolarWinds > Patch Manager.
    2. Go to the Metro Start view and search for SolarWinds Licensing.
  2. Copy the Activation Key and use this URL to download the updates from the following link:<activation key>
  3. Replace <activation key> with your activation key. For example:
  4. Open the Patch Manager Console and expand Administration and Reporting.
  5. Select Software Publishing.
  6. Under the Actions pane on the right side select Import Catalog.
  7. Select the file path.
    A correctly downloaded SolarWinds package should be titled:
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Yes if you trust the package. Click OK on the Warning window if there are existing packages and you would like to proceed.
  10. Select the desired packages and click Next.
  11. Finish the entire process and click Refresh in the Actions pane. 
    The Update Catalogs should now be available in the Software Publishing. 

PAS is connected to a secure network

If you have a connected Patch Manager server, export the catalog from there and import it to your disconnected PM server.

  1. Open Patch Manager.
  2. In the Patch Manager menu, expand Administration and Reporting > Software Publishing. 
  3. Select the blank unconfigured catalog you wish to export and click Export Catalog in the Action pane.
  4. Find a way to get the .CAB file to your disconnected instance.
  5. Select Software Publishing.
  6. Click Import Catalog in the Actions pane.
  7. Follow the prompts to import the catalog.


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