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How to uninstall an update using Patch Manager

Updated September 12th, 2016


WSUS can approve updates for removal. When enabled, the WUAgent removes the update from each applicable computer when they check in with WSUS. Use Patch Manager to force or schedule the update removal action.

WSUS can only remove updates with MSI or MSP installers. 


Patch Manager all versions


  1. Approve an update for removal.
  2. Force or schedule the update to be removed. 

Approve the update for removal

  1. Log in to Patch Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Enterprise > Update Services > <update_server> > Updates.
  3. Select an update container (such as All Updates).
  4. Select the update you want to approve In the center pane.
  5. Click Approve in the Actions pane. 
  6. Select the computer group with the update you want to remove in the Approve Updates window.
  7. Click Approved for Removal in the toolbar, and click OK. 
  8. Check for any errors in the Approval Progress window, and then click Close.
  9. Click OK in the Update Content Download dialog box.

Force or schedule the update to be removed

  1. Select a computer container in the navigation pane.
  2. Select one or more computers in the center pane.
  3. Click Update Management in the navigation pane.
  4. Click Select Updates in the Update Management window.
  5. Locate the update you want to remove in the Update Selection Management window.
  6. Click Add selected updates.

    If you have not approved the selected update for removal, access the Approve Updates window by clicking Approve in the Update Selection Management toolbar.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Select any additional options in the Update Management window, and click OK.
  9. (Optional) Select the computers that include the update you want to remove. specify the computer(s) from which you want to remove the update.

    For important licensing information related to this dialog, see Patch Manager Licensing.

  10. Click Next.
  11. Select the scheduling, export, and email options for the task on the Scheduling and Notification Options dialog in the Task Options Wizard, and then click Next.
  12. Review the information on the Summary dialog, and click Finish.
    The system schedules the task, and the WUAgent removes the selected update from all applicable computers in your selected group or list. 


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