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How to install and configure the Patch Manager Web Console on an Orion server


This article describes how to add the Patch Manager Web Console as a new module on an existing SolarWinds Orion Web Console running on an Orion server.


All Orion Core products


  1. Install the Patch Manager Web Console.
  2. Configure the Patch Manager Web Console. 

Install the Patch Manager Web Console

  1. Back up your Orion database to a separate location. 
  2. Download the SolarWinds Patch Manager full package (with SQL) from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

    You cannot use the SolarWinds-Orion-PM-v2.<version>-WebOnly.exe installer on an existing Orion Web Console server. Use the web-only installer to install the Orion Platform components. When completed, install the Patch Manager Web Console on a separate web server.

  3. Run the installer as an administrator.

    The installation may require several minutes to complete. During the installation, the GUI may disappear. 

  4. Click Next to begin the installation.
  5. If you accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), click Next.
  6. If the installer prompts you to update or install the Microsoft Visual C++ Secure Runtime, click Next to continue.
  7. In the Select setup type window, select Web Console Only, and click Next.
  8. In the Patch Manager Web Console Setup window, click Next.
  9. If you accept the EULA, click Next.
  10. In the Orion Install Selection window, leave Express Install - Recommended selected, and click Next.

    Patch Manager and the Orion Platform use separate levels of security for SQL authentication. To avoid complicated SQL configurations, SolarWinds recommends installing the Patch Manager Web Console with its own instance of SQL Server Express. 

  11. Click Next to start the installation.
  12. In the SolarWinds Configuration Wizard window, click Next twice to configure the Patch Manager Web Console. 
  13. Click Finish to exit the installer and launch the Orion Web Console.
    The Patch Manager Web Console is installed on the server.  

Configure the Patch Manager Web Console

After you launch the Patch Manager Web Console for the first time, complete the following procedure to configure the console. 

  1. On the Discovery Central web page, click Go to Orion Home.
  2. Click the hyperlink in any available resource to add your Patch Manager server.
    1. In the Server name or IP address field, enter the hostname or IP address of your Patch Manager server.
    2. In the Port field, specify a port or accept the default.
    3. In the Windows Credentials section, specify the username and password to use to access the Patch Manager server.
    4. Click Test.
    5. Click Submit.
      The Patch Manager Web Console is configured on the server.



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