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How to implement Wake on LAN in a Patch Manager deployment

Updated May 4th, 2016


This article describes how to use the Wake on LAN (WOL) feature in the Patch Manager Administrator Console. 

Wake on LAN (WOL) allows you to remotely power on WOL-enabled computers using a UDP broadcast on the local subnet. Patch Manager provides WOL functionality to use in conjunction with other scheduled tasks to patch computers that are not powered on. By scheduling the WOL, Update Management, and Shutdown or Reboot Computers tasks, you can power on remote computers, apply the updates you specify, and then shut down the computer when the update is finished.


  • Systems running Microsoft Windows
  • Servers running Windows Server


Check the managed systems that require WOL

Ensure that all systems:

  • Meet the system requirements.
  • Have a network interface card (NIC) installed that supports WOL.
  • Have WOL enabled in the BIOS.

Check the Patch Manager server

Ensure that the Patch Manager server can:

  • Access the targeted systems with a UDP broadcast.
    By default, many network devices do not forward UDP broadcasts. For best practice, perform the WOL function from the local subnet of the target system by deploying secondary Patch Manager servers with the Automation role to any subnets that contain WOL targets.
  • Discover the target systems and obtain their MAC addresses. To acquire the MAC address for each system, execute the Discovery task for each subnet that contains WOL targets.

Execute the Wake on LAN task

Execute or schedule the Wake on LAN task in the Patch Manager Administrator Console.

  1. Log in to the Patch Manager Administrator Console as administrator.
  2. In the navigation pane, select Administration and Reporting.
  3. In the center pane click Wake On Lan.
  4. In the Wake On Lan Options window, complete the options.
    1. In the Broadcast Address field, enter the broadcast address for the subnet that contains the target systems.
      For example, if the system's IP address is 192.168.1.X, enter
      If you want to send the broadcast to all subnets, enter
    2. In the UDP Port field, enter a port number if you have configured a non-standard port for WOL.
    3. In the Secure on Password field, enter a password if you configured a Secure On password for the target systems.
    4. Click OK.
  5. Click Wake Up.
  6. In the Task Options Wizard window, enter the target system(s). 
  7. If you want to schedule the task or specify export or notification options, click Next and then complete the Scheduling and Notification Options window.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. In the Summary window, click Finish to schedule or execute the task based on your selections. 
  10. In the Secure on Password field, enter a password if you configured a Secure On password for the target systems.


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