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Add a PFX certificate to WSUS for software publishing

Table of contents


This article describes how to add a .pfx certificate to WSUS.


  • All Patch Manager versions
  • WSUS 2012


NOTE: The command prompt must be RUN AS ADMIN and the file must be in the server folder path listed in step 1.

Alternatively, for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2016 WSUS, use a period ( . ) for the hostname in place of the WSUS server name. 

  1. Launch a Command Prompt as an administrator.
  2. In the prompt, browse to the Patch Manager install directory.
    The default path is C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Patch Manager\Server
    NOTE: This assumes that Patch Manager is installed on the WSUS Server. If it is not, you need to copy the file over to the WSUS server and execute it from the path where ther file is located on the WSUS server itself (File Name: SolarWinds.Utilities.WSUS2012PlusCertManagement.exe)
  3. Run the following command in your Command Prompt:
  4. You must be using SSL and port 8531 for this to execute properly.

    SolarWinds.Utilities.WSUS2012PlusCertManagement.exe /operation addpfx /targetwsusname (wsus server name) /targetwsusport 8531 /targetgetwsususessl yes /pfxfile "C:\path to pfx file" /pfxfilepassword "12345"



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