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About Patch Manager Management Servers


Patch Manager uses the Management Servers node to store managed computer inventory data for individual management groups. You can access Management Servers in the SolarWinds Patch Manager Admin Console menu, as shown below.


All management groups are assigned to a single, unique management server, which can reside on a Primary Application Server (PAS), Secondary Application Server (SAS), or its own dedicated server.


Patch Manager all versions


Deployment Considerations

Deploy additional management servers for separate domains and/or locations if you want to:

  • Store the data in distinct physical databases
  • Manage them using distinct management groups.

Each management group requires a dedicated management server. If you add a new management group on your PAS, it is assigned to the management server node on the PAS, and the default Managed Enterprise Management Group will not have a management server.

SolarWinds Patch Manager does not require distinct management servers or groups for separate domains or locations. SolarWinds recommends using management servers if you are managing more than 2,500 computers.

Licensing Considerations

SolarWinds Patch Manager is licensed on a node basis. A separate license is not required to deploy additional management servers.

All computers (including servers and client systems) managed by SolarWinds Patch Manager count as nodes for licensing. For example, if you are managing 250 computers with a PM250 license, you would need at least a PM500 license (for 500 computers) to accommodate an additional management server.

The SolarWinds Patch Manager installer runs the Licensor utility regardless of whether you are installing a PAS or additional Patch Manager server. To bypass the utility for an additional management server, close the Licensor window or click Continue Evaluation.



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