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Integrating the Patch Manager Web Console with the Orion Platform


This article describes how Patch Manager and other Orion Platform Core products can be integrated into the Orion Web Console, providing a "single pane of glass" for all of your SolarWinds products.

This article only applies to deployments running the Orion Platform.  


Patch Manager version 2.x



If you are running SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)  and or Server and Application Monitor (SAM) on the Orion Web Console, you can install the Patch Manager web console interface on the Orion server. This configuration allows you to add the Patch Manager Web Console as an additional resource view in Orion dashboard from Orion Web Console, and display all of your Orion products in one location.

See How to install and configure the Patch Manager Web Console on an Orion server for details.

The Patch Manager Orion web interface can only be installed on the Patch Manager Server (Primary Application Server) or the Orion Main Poller by running the Full SQL installer.exe with Core 2017.2 and below


If you installed and integrated Patch Manager with the Orion Web Console during a previous upgrade, run the latest Patch Manager installer to ensure that the Patch Manager Orion web interface and Patch Manager Web Console are running the latest release. 

Installing Patch Manager Web console Integration on additional Orion Web servers

Installing the Patch Manager Orion web interface on an Additional Polling Engine (APE) or Additional Web Server(AWS) by running the Full SQL installer might procedure an error message as shown below.  This is expected as Orion Core is already detected and installed by other NPM/NCM/SAM installations that may exists on the APE/AWS.




With Core(Orion Platform) 2017.3 when you run the PM 2.1.5 Web only installer the installer will flash the install screen and vanishes and no error logs either in MSI installer or Config wizard logs.

The work around is to use the Falcon installer( available from NPM 12.2 on wards) by downloading it from the AWS/APE Web console -> All settings->  Polling Engines ( http://yourOrionServer/Orion/Admin/D...s/Engines.aspx )



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