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Error displays when installing Patch Manager

Updated April 25, 2018


When you install Patch Manager on a server, the following error displays: 

Setup is missing an installation prerequisite:
-Microsoft SQL Server 2012 System CLR Types. To continue, install SQL 
Server 2012 System CLR Types from 
and then run the Setup operation again. 



All Patch Manager versions


The Microsoft SQL Server Common Language Runtypes (CLR) types were removed.

The link that Microsoft provides is to the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 download which will not help the installation of Patch Manager. You will also see that every file for Microsoft SQL Server CLR types are the same file name so be careful what you save them as.


  1. Navigate to the link that requires the CLR type.
  2. Expand Install Instructions and scroll down to the Microsoft SQL CLR types.
  3. Download your missing version. 

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 CLR Types

    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CLR Types

    System restart is not required.

  4. Restart the Patch Manager installer.



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