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Download archived versions of Adobe Flash

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Updated February 15, 2017


Adobe has changed the way they present updates. The latest updates are available on the distribution site directly.There is another site to retrieve archived versions.

An alternate site is available to download the archived versions, but they will need to be renamed so that Patch Manager will recognize them in the Package Download Assistant.


All Patch Manager versions 


Archived versions of Adobe Flash are currently available here:

(© 2017 Adobe, available at, obtained on February 14, 2017.)


  1. Download the Flash Player Archive for the appropriate version, for this example (Released 1/10/2017) Flash Player (405 MB).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. The packages are located in the fp_24.0.0.194_archive folder in the 24_0_r0_194 subfolder.
  4. Rename the appropriate installer so that Patch Manager will recognize it.
  5. From the Patch Manager Console, select the Adobe Flash Package and select Download Content, for this example Flash Player ActiveX MSI.
  6. Click OK on the Confirmation window.
  7. Click OK on the Download Assistant window.
  8. Click the Import Source button on the Package Download Assistant window.
  9. Right click on the flashplayer24_0r0_194_winax.msi file and rename it to install_flash_player_24_active_x.msi
    NOTE:  The Import Source dialog will show you the file name that Patch Manager expects.  You can copy this file name and use it to rename the appropriate package.  Additionally please note that there are separate MSI files for the ActiveX install and just the Plugin Install, the plugin install is named flashplayer24_0r0_194_win.msi.
  10. Click Open once the newly renamed file is selected.
  11. Click OK.
  12. The Package should be imported.
  13. You can now publish the package normally.


NOTE:  If you select the incorrect package you may receive a Checksum error.  Please refer to Unable to import files using  Patch Manager Package Assistant for additional information and steps.


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