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Creating a report with multiple data sources generates an error


When you create a report with multiple datasources in a report category that does not support multiple datasources, the following error message displays:

One or more of the main return fields in the report are from multiple datasources.


All Patch Manager versions


The following categories were used in the report, which do not support multiple datasources: 

  • WSUS Reports > Windows Server Update Services Analytics
  • Configuration Management Reports > Computer (General)


When you create reports using these categories, examine the fields available for each data source and pick the data source that contains all or most of the fields you want to use.

To view the available fields for a data source: 

  1. Log in to Patch Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand, Administration and Reporting > Reporting.
  3. Maximize the directory that contains the type of report you want to run.
    For example, Configuration Management Reports.
  4. Select a report category.
    For example: Computer (General). 
  5. In the Available Datasources column, select the data source you want to examine.
    For example: Computer Information.
  6. In the Available Fields box, select your targeted fields. 
  7. In the Reports section, select a report. 
  8. In the Actions pane, click Run Report. .


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