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Create new group under Software Publishing

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Updated March 13, 2017


Create a specific group (folder/directory) under Software Publishing to contain just the packages for a specific environment.


All Patch Manager versions


  1. Open Patch Manager > go to Administration and Reporting > open the Software Publishing.
  2. Locate the package that you want to appear under a new group.
  3. Right click the package (and select clone so that you don't disturb anything you have already done) and select
  4. edit (you would be editing the clone if a clone was created).
  5. Under the Vendor line on the opening screen, change the Vendor to "Test" (or whatever you want to call it), and click next to take the same configurations already set up. Save the changes.
  6. Select refresh at the top right to refresh this screen.
  7. You should now see the new group (folder) with the package you have added to that group.

We suggest using caution when doing custom changes that can make Patch Manger look easier to navigate, but may also make it more confusing because of the non-standard configuration.



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