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CreateDirectory Failed error when publishing updates to WSUS

Updated March 11th, 2016


The following error message appears when trying to publish packages:
Package: yourPackage
Status: Failure
Message: Failed to publish yourPackage. CreateDirectory failed


  • All Patch Manager versions
  • All WSUS versions


This issue can occur if you move or recreate the UpdateServicesPackages and WSUSContent folders after installing Patch Manager, or explicitly remove the share:

  • The permissions on the UpdateServicesPackages and WSUSContent folders are not set correctly.
  • The UpdateServicesPackages and WSUSContent folders are not shared at all.


On your WSUS servers, the WSUSContent and UpdateServicesPackage. There is no default location for this folder. Tyically it is C:\WSUS or D:\WSUS but is manually specified when the wsus server is setup.


1. Set the security permissions for WSUSContent and UpdateServicesPackages as follows:

  • NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM - Full Control
  • NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE - Write, Read, Synchronize
  • Builtin\administrators - Full Control
  • Hostname\Wsus Administrators - FullControl


2. Set the share permissions for WSUSContent and UpdateServicesPackages as follows:

  • Builtin\Administrators - Full
  • Everyone - Read
  • NT Authority\Network Service - Full
  • Hostname\WSUS Administrators - Full


Optional: Use the following PowerShell command to get read all the permissions at the same time.

You must run this command on the WSUS server.

Get-SmbShareAccess -Name UpdateServicesPackages|ft; Get-SmbShareAccess -Name WsusContent|ft;$acl=Get-Acl "\\localhost\WsusContent";$acl|ft AccessToString -Wrap; $acl2=Get-Acl "\\localhost\UpdateServicesPackages";$acl |ft AccessToString -Wrap



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