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Clean up the WSUS server using the SCCM console

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Run the Server Cleanup Wizard to clean up the WSUS server. Using the wizard, you can delete expired updates and update revisions from the WSUS server. 

This cleanup method is more efficient compared to the native cleanup task in the WSUS console. For example, you can configure a threshold for the number of days the WSUS server saves non-reporting computers in the console. You can also schedule the task to run daily or weekly on an ongoing basis, which is recommended.

The Server Cleanup Wizard provides several actions you can run simultaneously or individually on the WSUS server.

Action Description
Unused updates and update revisions Deletes expired updates and revisions that remain unapproved for longer than three months.
Computers not contacting the server Deletes computers that have not contacted the Update Server within the computer deletion threshold.
Configure the computer deletion threshold Configures the number of days that the computer remains out of contact with the server before it is deleted.
Unneeded update files Deletes update files that were declined or not required by the downstream servers.
Expired Updates Declines unapproved, expired updates from Microsoft.
Superceded Updates Declines unapproved updates that were superseded with approved updates. The system declines superseded updates that remain unapproved for 30 days or longer.

To schedule or execute a WSUS server cleanup task:

  1. Log in to the SCCM console.
  2. In the left pane, expand 3rd Party Updates > Administration and select Update Servers.
  3. In the center pane, select the WSUS server you want to clean up.
  4. Click Server Cleanup Wizard.
  5. Select one or more of cleanup options, and click OK.
  6. Complete the Task Options Wizard to schedule and execute the cleanup task for the selected WSUS server.
    See Task Options Wizard for details.
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