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Approving more than four updates at a time fails

Updated: June 27, 2016


Patch Manager provides a menu to approve updates in WSUS.  During this process an Approval task will be generated in Task History once completed.  If this does happen this may be caused by duplicate certificates in the certificate stores of the PAS and WSUS server.



  • All versions of Patch Manager.



Duplicate Certificates in the Certificates stores on the PAS and WSUS server.



Verify the Publishing Certificate in the Patch Manager Console.

  1. Expand Enterprise -> Update Services and select the primary WSUS server.
  2. In the Actions pane on the right side select Software Publishing Certificate.
  3. Note the Expiration Date and the Thumbprint.


Verify the certificate is present in the Trusted Root and Trusted Publishers store on the WSUS and PAS and the WSUS certificate store on the WSUS server:

  • On each machine in turn:
    • Launch MMC.
    • Click File -> Add or Remove Snapin...
    • Select Certificates from the list and click Add >
    • Select Computer Account and click Next.
    • Select Local Computer and click Finish.
    • Click OK on the Add or Remove Snap-ins window.
    • Expand the Certificates module and review the following Certificate Stores:
      • Trusted Root Certification Authorities
      • Trusted Publsihers
      • WSUS (for the WSUS server only).
    • Verify that the Expiration Date and Thumbprint from step 3 above all match.
    • If there are any duplicates, remove them.


Once the above is confirmed, close the Patch Manager console.  Then restart the EminentWare Data Grid Server service.  Finally, launch the console and try the approval task again.



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