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Solarwinds & Cisco Live! Barcelona
Join us from the 29th of January to the 2nd of February at Cisco Live 2018 in Barcelona, where we will continue to show how monitoring the network with SolarWinds will keep you ahead of the game. At our booth (WEP 1A), we will demonstrate how SolarWinds network solutions can help. As a bonus, we are also hosting a pre-event webinar - Blame the Network, Hybrid IT Edition with our SolarWinds Head Geek™, Patrick Hubbard on January 24th - GMT (UTC+0): 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. There's still time to RSVP.

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3rd Party Application Patching with SCCM and SolarWinds Patch Manager - Video

Updated: 5-22-2017


This video demonstrates how to use Patch Manager to update 3rd party applications via the System Center Configuration Manager console.


  • Patch Manager
  • SCCM

Video Transcription


Configuration Manager users can spend a lot of time researching, installing, creating and publishing packages - sometimes up to 4 hours per patch!  With at least 10 critical 3rd party patches per month, that's at least 40 hours of patching and that's assuming nothing goes wrong. Who has that kind of time?
Patch Manager generally reduces this process to about an hour by providing pre-built and pre-tested packages - all from the Configuration Manager console.  Patch Manager supports common application updates including Oracle® Java, Google® Chrome, Adobe® Reader, Skype® and so on.
Patch Manager's integration with Configuration Manager 2007 was accomplished by pulling client information from the site server for display in the Patch Manager console.  Now, with our latest release, we also have native integration in the 2012 console.  Deploying 3rd party patches with either Configuration Manager 2007 or 2012 is accomplished using the native configuration Manager deployment tools.
When updates are made available, they are immediately synchronized with the Patch Management server and are visible in the Configuration Manager Console.
From the Configuration Manager Console, publishing to the software update point is as simple as selecting the update and click on publish.  Voila!
In addition, to ensure that you can effectively patch your systems, Patch Manager provides a collection of client management and repair tools such as Client Actions, Agent Configuration Utilities and the Computer Explorer.
Save time patching updates while protecting your systems, download a free 30 day trial of Patch Manager today at


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