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SAM objects in Orion Maps are unknown or grayed out

Updated May 30, 2018


In some cases, Orion Maps show SAM Orion.APM.GenericApplication objects with a status of Unknown. The object is grayed out or there is an unexpected error. This occurs only with SAM components. When you hover over the object you see the message object status is unknown


maps 1.PNG

Maps 2.PNG


  • NPM 12.2
  • SAM 6.5 or SAM 6.6, SAM 6.7


Orion Maps was a new feature released with Core 2017.3 and EOC 2.0.

It's possible that this happened because some computers had an older version of Network Atlas in use. 

The SAM plugin has a mechanism to translate IDs to new format (with siteID |0 ).


To fix this issue, you can do either of the following:

  • Recreate the map with objects using an up-to-date Network Atlas tool.
  • Manually fix the maps by changing the IDs of the affected objects, as described below.


To change the obect ID:

  1. Go to the Network Atlas cache folder. By default, it is:
  2. Open the files in a text editor such as Notepad, and add |0 to any IDs. For example:
    • OriginalOrion.APM.GenericApplication: 1xxx#
    • UpdatedOrion.APM.GenericApplication: 1xxx|0#
  3. Save the files.
  4. In Network Atlas, make some small change so the maps appear edited and will be saved to the database. 

Incorrect example:

comment: "NetObjects=: 0#,Orion.Nodes: 16|0#,Orion.APM.GenericApplication: 0#"
SWNetObjectNID: "Orion.APM.GenericApplication: 2|0#"
Correct example:
comment: "NetObjects=: 0#,Orion.Nodes: 16|0#,Orion.APM.GenericApplication: 0#"
SWNetObjectNID: "Orion.APM.GenericApplication: 2|0#"
Resolution 2
Replace the broken component with a working component that is green:
The grey component highlighted below is not mapped to a component so has become orphaned somehow. 
You can still see the component is green in the objects list so replace the grey component with the working component
Right-click a grayed out component shows no mappings so is unknown
Right-click the green component above shows the mappings to a certain component.


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