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Orion Platform 2015.1.2 HotFix 6

Created by Michael Perez, last modified by Su-Lyn Rosenberry-ret on Dec 14, 2016

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Updated July 28, 2016

Aren't sure if this is the latest hotfix? Go to the Orion Platform hotfix release page or to your product's release notes to review available hotfixes.

Fixed issues

This hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • Incorrect group status is propagated to parent groups for some nested group structures.
  • TCP/IP connection and memory leak in BusinessLayer alerting.
  • Custom Chart - data not available on Group views.
  • Subscriber improvements for version 11.5.
  • Performance issues related to limitations and groups.
  • Some resources are blank because the SQL query processor ran out of resources and could not build a query plan.
  • Small issues related to limitations and groups, such as broken group member links.
  • Alerts with Group Member conditions cause errors and fail to fire.
  • Issue with increased Memory/CPU consumption.

This hotfix is cumulative and contains Orion Platform 2015.1.2 HotFixes 1-5 as well.


Apply this hotfix if you run any of the following SolarWinds products:

  • NPM 11.5.2
  • SAM 6.2.1
  • SRM 6.1.1
  • VNQM 4.2.2
  • NCM 7.4
  • VIM 2.1


We  strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version instead of applying this HotFix. The Service Releases contain all  the fixes which are contained within this HotFix. The newest service releases for your products can be found in your Customer Portal. For upgrade paths please use the following tool: Solarwinds Product Upgrade Advisor.


  • This hotfix requires SolarWinds Orion Core 2015.1.2.
  • This hotfix must be installed on the main polling engine, on any additional polling engines, and additional web servers.
  • This hotfix addresses issues described in this hotfix for all SolarWinds products located on the same server and only needs to be applied once per server.
  • This hotfix is cumulative and also addresses the issues contained in hotfixes 1-5. In some environments, the impact of the issues noted above may simply be seen as slow web performance.
  • Back up your Orion database

Uninstall BD-4186

If you worked with Support in the past and applied Buddy Drop BD-4186, uninstall the Buddy Drop to prevent any conflicts.

  1. Log in to the server hosting your SolarWinds Orion installation as an administrator.
  2. Run the Orion Service Manager, and click "Shutdown Everything".
  3. Close the Orion Service Manager and any other SolarWinds applications.
  4. Find the original installation folder for BD-4186. This contains the backup files needed to uninstall Buddy Drop BD-4186.
  5. Run the 2 - uninstall.cmd script as Administrator, and follow the on-screen instructions. The script is located at ..\\GroupLimitationBDv2\2 - uninstall.cmd.
  6. Run the Orion Service Manager, and click "Start Everything".
  7. When BD-4186 has been successfully uninstalled, proceed to install Hotfix 6.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the hotfix from your Customer Portal.
  2. Log in to the server hosting your SolarWinds Orion installation as an administrator.
  3. Run the Orion Service Manager, and click "Shutdown Everything".
  4. Close the Orion Service Manager.
  5. Run the OrionPlatform-v2015.1.2-HotFix6.exe file, and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  6. Restart the machine and run the Configuration Wizard. 


You may run into information service issues if you do not extract the hotfix and run as administrator.

You may see same long running queries in information service v3 logs.

Uninstallation instructions

  1. Log in to the server hosting your SolarWinds Orion installation as an administrator.
  2. Run the Orion Service Manager, and click "Shutdown Everything".
  3. Close the Orion Service Manager.
  4. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View installed updates.
  5. Select Update for SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2015.1.2 (Hotfix6), click Uninstall, and cancel the Configuration Wizard.
  6. If you are downgrading from hotfix 6 or later to hotfix 5 or earlier, complete the steps in Uninstall Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 6 or later.
  7. If you are uninstalling Hotfix 6, go to View installed updates, select Update for SolarWinds Information Service v115.1.6156.1 (Hotfix6), and click Uninstall.
  8. Run the Configuration Wizard.


If you encounter two instances of the Configuration Wizard after the hotfix is installed, you only need to run one of them. Verify that the Configuration Wizard runs once per server after the hotfix is installed.  



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