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Syslog alert variables

Created by Magdalena.Markova, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Nov 29, 2016

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This Orion Platform topic applies only to the following products:


The following variables can be used in syslog alert messages. Each variable must begin with a dollar sign and be enclosed in curly braces as, for example, ${VariableName}. Syslog alerts also support the use of Node alert variables.

For more information on the use of variables, see Variables and examples.

Syslog date and time variables

Syslog Date/Time Variable



Current day of the week. Three character abbreviation.


AM or PM corresponding to current time (before or after noon)


Current day of the month


Current day of the month (two digit number, zero padded)


Current date. (Short Date format)


Current date and time. (Windows control panel defined "Short Date" and "Short Time" format)


Current day of the week.


Numeric day of the year


Current hour


Current hour. Two digit format, zero padded.


Current hour. 24-hour format


Current day of the week. Localized language format.


Current date. (Long Date format)


Current month name in the local language.


Current Time. (Long Time format)


Current numeric month


Current month. Two digit number, zero padded.


Current month. Three character abbreviation.


Current date. (Medium Date format)


Current minute. Two digit format, zero padded.


Full name of the current month


Current month and day


Current second.


Current second. Two digit format, zero padded.


Current Time. (Short Time format)


Two digit year


Four digit year

Other Syslog variables

Syslog Variable



SolarWinds application information


Copyright information


Fully qualified node name


Host name of the device triggering the alert


IP address of device triggering alert


Status of device triggering alert


The name of the triggered alert


A network health score indicating node states as follows:




NODE_UNKNOWN = 1000000

NODE_WARNING = 1000000

NODE_DOWN = 100000000


The Up score for Nodes and Interfaces is zero.


Version of the SolarWinds software package

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