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Maintain licenses with the stand-alone Windows License Manager

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Created by Magdalena.Markova, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Dec 06, 2016

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After you install an Orion Platform product or other products such as DameWare, you are prompted to activate your license. To activate your product, go to the License Manager.

Orion Platform products with Core 2016.2 and later can use the web-based License Manager to manage licenses for all polling engines and additional websites from a single Orion Web Console page. Non-Orion Platform products use the stand-alone License Manager.

What can you do with the Windows License Manager?

  • Deactivate licenses on one computer and activate them on another computer without contacting SolarWinds Customer Service.
  • Upgrade production license levels.
  • Upgrade from evaluation licenses to production licenses.
  • Synchronize licenses with the licensing server.

You cannot activate the license for a product that is released after the end of your maintenance period. You can activate the license for a product released before the end of your maintenance period at any time.

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