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Azure polling

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You can monitor and manage resource status and metrics through the Azure Portal, Orion Web Console, SAM, or integrated VMAN. SAM provides additional metrics for memory and features for cloud infrastructure management, usage, alerts, and more.

Here is an overview about how the Orion Platform works with Azure to poll for status and metric data:

  1. The Azure Resource Manager and Azure APIs poll cloud VMs and volumes to gather status metrics for the Azure Monitor service.
  2. The Orion Platform API polls the Azure Monitor service.
  3. The Orion Platform saves data to the Orion SQL Database.

Azure provides 1 million standard API calls per calendar month at no cost. Extra charges are incurred for overages based on Azure Monitor pricing. Azure may link limits and charges to either subscriptions or tenant accounts, depending on how Azure is configured for your organization. Check with your subscription administrator.

See these topics for details:

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