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Exceed AWS polling limits

The Orion Platform tracks requests through the CloudWatch API and can notify users when the system gets close to or surpasses the 1 million free polling requests that AWS provides per account per calendar month, depending on how alerts are configured. See Alerts and events for cloud monitoring.

You can also request a limit increase for specific resources; see the Cloud metric reference.

Disable CloudWatch API polling for metrics

You can disable polling by the AWS CloudWatch API at the account level to avoid exceeding AWS polling limits and incurring fees. The API will continue polling resources for status, as displayed on the Cloud Summary and Instance Details pages, but will stop gathering metrics.

To disable CloudWatch API polling:

  1. On the Cloud Summary page, click Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.
  2. On the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring page, click Manage Cloud Accounts.
  3. On the Manage Cloud Accounts and select the check box for an AWS account.
  4. Click Edit Properties.
  5. On the Edit Properties page, switch to the API Polling Options tab and click the green Monitoring On/Off option to turn off polling.

To avoid exceeding polling limits, consider toggling Auto Monitoring off when adding a cloud account to block polling for new instances launched and then discovered for an account. You can enable monitoring for individual instances later.

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