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Customize the Manage Nodes view

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Sep 13, 2017

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Updated: September 13, 2017

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Click New Manage Entities page to check out the Manage Entities page with flexible filters and more look and feel improvements introduced in Orion Platform 2017.3.

The Manage Nodes view is the primary view for device management in the Orion Web Console.

Find the node or interface you want to manage, select it, and use the management functions in the toolbar.

You can manage more nodes or interfaces at the same time.

To select all items in the table, select the box to the left of the Name column.

Search for devices on Manage Nodes

To find interfaces, select Interfaces next to the Search field.

  1. Type a search string into the Search field above the results table, and click Search.

    The search is only performed on properties displayed in the table.

    To add a property, click >> at the far right of the title row of the table, and select system or custom properties which should be displayed and searched.

  2. If the list of found devices is too long, select a Group By option in the left section, and select a group. Nodes in the group display in the results table.

    The Group By list includes custom properties.

  3. If you see a parent object in the table, expand it, and select the node or interface which you want to edit.

Manage Entities

The Manage Entities page provides a list of entities monitored by your Orion Platform products. The new intuitive page provides flexible filters, and commands relevant for managed entities.

To switch to the old Manage Nodes page, click Commands > Switch Back to Legacy Page.

Cannot find a menu option on Manage Entities? Click More, and check out available options. If the option is not there, verify that selected entities support the command. Some options, such as overriding energy level, are only supported on Manage Nodes.

Filter results

You can filter by properties displayed for the nodes.

To filter by a property, expand it in the Filter Results pane, and select the values for the results.


Manage Entities displays the entities that have the selected values for the properties. Available filters are reduced to offer only options available for the displayed entities.

To clear a filter, click the close icon for the filter above the entities list. To clear all filters, click Clear All at the right end of the Filters row.

Add properties to filter by

To apply a finer filter based on a property, add the property to the Filter Results pane.

  • Click Edit filter properties.
  • Select and add the properties.

    The Filter Results pane displays the properties with at least one value in the database. You can expand the property and select values to filter by.


Enter a string into the search box. Manage Entities lists entities with the string included in their name.

Customize displayed information

  1. Click More > Edit Row Properties.
  2. On Manage Entities, click Custom or System Properties in the drop-down, and select properties to display on the Manage Entities view.

    Custom properties are displayed next to the Entity name, and System properties below the Entity Name.

  3. Click Save Changes in the header to confirm your changes.File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/Core/2017.3_updates/0620-Customize_the_Manage_Nodes_view/manageentities_editrowproperties.png

Displayed properties and available filters adjust to your selection.

To remove a property from the Manage Entities information for a node, click the close icon.

Related entities include monitored interfaces on a node. By default, the interfaces are grouped by Type.

  1. Click the arrow at the end of a node line. The Related Entities pane opens.


  2. Expand interface groups to see monitored interfaces on the node.
    • Hover over an interface to see an overview.
    • Click an interface to go to the Interface Details view.
    • Click the close icon next to a node to hide interfaces on the node from the Related Entities pane.

Entities with muted alerts at a glance

Entities with suspended alerts or a planned maintenance when alerts will be suspended are marked with a crossed-out loudspeaker icon.


Click the icon to resume alerts or cancel the planned period of suspended alerts.

Available actions

The menu provides shortcuts to available actions. The actions are dynamic, and depend on the following factors:

  • Selected entities
  • Installed Orion Platform products


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