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Configure calculations and threshold settings

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Nov 28, 2016

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This topic applies to all Orion Platform products.

The following settings designate methods for calculating availability and transmission rate baselines, selecting the node warning level and counter type, and indicating security preferences for community strings and other potentially sensitive information in the web console.

Availability Calculation (advanced)

Configure the type of calculation that is performed to determine device availability.

Baseline Calculation (advanced)

Enable this option to ensure that baselines for the transmission rates of the elements of your network are calculated upon startup. This baseline is used as a starting point for any comparison statistics.

Enable Auto Dependencies

Enable this option to ensure that the SolarWinds Orion server collates topology information from networked devices and creates dependency links between devices.

Allow Secure Data on Web (advanced)

Select this option if your network is secure and you want to allow users to view community strings and other potentially sensitive information in the Orion Web Console. Sensitive information about your network is not available in the Orion Web Console.

This setting does not affect the display of custom reports that you export to the web.

Node Warning Level

Configure the period after which devices that do not respond to polling are displayed as Down in the Orion Web Console. By default, this period is 120 seconds.

Counter Rollover

Specify a method that decides what happens if a polled value is less than the previous polled value.

Default Assigned IP Address

Specify the node IP address that is recorded if DNS resolution fails for a monitored node. If you leave this field blank, no IP address will be stored.

Disable HTML Encoding for Polled Data

Specify if you want to HTML-encode polled data. HTML encoding provides added security for polled data in the Orion Web Console.

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