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Track your polling method

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Nov 07, 2016

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If nodes are using different polling methods, you may want to keep track of the polling method of each node to troubleshoot issues more easily. There are several methods you can use to identify the polling method of nodes:

  • Node Details page: view individually
  • Application Details page: view individually
  • Manage Nodes page: view as a list
  • Create a report to identify agent usage

Identify the polling method from the Node Details page

  1. From the web console, click My Dashboards > Home.
  2. In the All Nodes resource, expand a node tree and click a node to go to the Node Details page.
  3. In the Polling Details resource, locate the Polling Method.

Identify the polling method from the Application Details page

  1. From the Orion Web Console, click My Dashboards > Applications.
  2. In the All Applications resource, expand an application tree and click an application to go to the Application Details page.
  3. In the Application Details resource, click Management > Edit Application Monitor.
  4. Expand the Advanced heading to locate the Preferred Polling Method.

    All applications default to agent-based polling, even when no agent is installed. Use this option to override the default behavior.

Identify the polling method from the Manage Nodes page

  1. Click Settings > All Settings in the menu bar.
  2. Under Node & Group Management, click Manage Nodes.
  3. If not already visible, add the Polling Method field by clicking >> in the upper-right of the table.


Create a report to identify agent usage

  1. From the web console, navigate to Reports > All Reports.
  2. Enter agent in the Search box.
  3. Click Agent Inventory to view the report.
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05:41, 7 Nov 2016