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Orion Network Management product releases

Updated November 12, 2018

NPM 12.4

In NPM 12.4, you can monitor logical components of your SDN environment, including APICs, tenants, application profiles, endpoint groups, and physical entities.

NTA 4.5

NTA 4.5 introduces a set of netflow-specific alerts. You can create alerts on recently processed flows to quickly identify and solve quality issues.

NCM 7.9

In NCM 7.9, multi-device baselines provide a configuration template that can be assigned to multiple devices. Use multi-device baselines to standardize configurations across similar devices.

IPAM 4.8

IPAM 4.8 introduces monitoring support for Infoblox, and extended DHCP and DNS support for more versions of Linux. 

Orion Platform 2018.4

The products above are built on Orion Platform 2018.4, and can take advantage of new features such as centralized upgrades, ability to authenticate users with the SAML protocol, and updates to PerfStack and Orion Deployment Health.





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