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Welcome to the new Orion® Platform UI – Video

Updated March 3rd, 2017


This video (2:44) provides an overview of the changes in the new Orion UI. 




  • SolarWinds products running on the Orion Platform 2016 and higher including Network Performance Monitor v12.0.

Video Transcript


Hi and welcome to the walk through for the new navigation of the SolarWinds Orion platform UI.


Today we would like to show you how the old menu system maps to the new one so that you’re able to comfortably and efficiently use the new menus.


The old menus were a tab-based system that had a menu bar associated with each tab. Each user was able to have a customized menu bar associated with each tab and administrators were able to control which tabs each user saw.


This paradigm is not lost in the new system. As you can see, the tabs in the old system are now under the MY DASHBOARDS menu item. The MY DASHBOARDS menu item expands to show you all the menu items you would have previously seen in all the tabs of the old menus in a single dropdown.


This new menu allows you to easily navigate all of your menu items, and you can see your entire customized set of menu items at the same time. You can quickly find common selections because the physical location on the screen remains consistent. In fact, the editing of menu items remains the same, and as you can see, the new menu items appear in the desired location, as in previous releases.


The new menu system also takes up less screen real estate so that more of your screen is available for the critical data that Orion products provide. This new layout allows you to expand the number of menu items you have without changing the size of the top menu bar.


There’s a second menu option for users who have more than four SolarWinds products installed. Click on the Collapse icon on the bottom of the menu to turn it on. As you can see, this visualization lists what used to be the tab items in a vertical column on the left, and the sub-items are now easily accessible via the usual hover-and-click method to the right of the column. You can easily switch between these two menu options by clicking on the Expand or Collapse icon on the bottom of the menu item.


Also, you’ll notice that we have promoted a few platform-level menu items to have their own top level areas of the menu. Popular features like Alerts, Reports, and Administration are now at the top of every page for quick and convenient access.


The Alerts & Activity menu has your Alerts, Syslog, Traps, and Events menu items. The Reports menu gives you quick access to the Orion reporting infrastructure. The Settings menu item is visible to administrators and gives them quick access to administrative tasks like All Settings, Configure Orion, Discovery, and Add Node.


You will also notice a new Notification icon in the right-hand area of the new menu bar. In the legacy Orion interface this was done with the yellow notification bar that appeared below the tab menus when the system had a notification. Now the bell indicator with the notification count is always visible without taking up additional page real estate.


Overall, we hope that the new Orion navigation system will help you navigate through the SolarWinds Orion product suite more efficiently.



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