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Use the Orion Permission Checker Tool

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Updated June 18, 2018


Use the Orion Permission Checker tool to determine if the Orion Platform has the required Windows permissions to the folders it needs. If the Orion Platform does not have the required permissions, Windows might prevent certain Orion services from functioning correctly. 


Orion Platform, all versions


  1. Use Windows search to find OrionPermissionChecker.exe.

    Note: It is usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\OrionPermissionChecker.exe.


  2. Right-click the Orion Permission Checker application and select Run as Administrator.

  3. Click Check to verify that the Orion Platform has the required permissions.


  4. If any row shows FAILED as the Result, click Repair to attempt to fix the permissions.

    Note: GPO might undo your repair action. The best and most permanent way to fix permissions issues is to manually assign the appropriate permissions to the folder. Consult the Microsoft © documentation for instructions.


  5. Run the check again to confirm that the repair worked.

    If the repair did not work, manually assign the required permissions to the folder. Use the Permission Checker results to determine which permissions are required. For example, the image above shows that the NETWORK SERVICE account requires write access to the C:\ProgramData\Application Data\SolarWinds folder.



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