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Use PowerShell to test that a port is open on a server

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Updated: 10/5/2017


How to test that a specific ports is open without using telnet.


  • All modules
  • All Windows Server versions


1. Use the script bellow to check if the port is open.

2. Replace IP_Address_Server with the address of the server you are interested in.

3. Replace port with the port to check (e.g. 17777).

4. Save this script in a text file as porttest.ps1 and run in PowerShell.

$ipaddress = IP_Address_Server
$port = port
$connection = New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient($ipaddress, $port)
if ($connection.Connected) {
    Write-Host "Success"
else {
    Write-Host "Failed"


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